Woman suffers accident during live report on Globo


An unusual situation happened during a live report on Globo Nordeste, shown in Pernambuco.

The case occurred during an interview of the journalist Bruno Fontes for the NETV newspaper.

While he was talking to a woman in a neighborhood in Recife, another lady got caught in the automatic gate and began to scream.

The situation happened when the neighbor, who lives in a house on the street where the interview took place, went to look what was happening. She put her head out of the gate, which suddenly began to close and she did not notice. The woman began to scream when she was arrested and other people rushed to help her. When she was being crushed, the lady was shouting 'oh, oh, ai', and ended up deconcentrating the interviewee, who kept looking back and had to be called by the reporter.

"Look at us, there was a lady who was leaving here and got stuck in the automatic gate", he justified.

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