Without patience, Giovanna Ewbank gives a rebuke in Bruno Gagliasso


Giovanna Ewbank lost his temper with Bruno Gagliasso and gave a scolding of those in the actor. Roberto Baldacconi, Gio's father, was using the drill at the top of a ladder that was supported by the actor. Laughing, the actor shook the stairs, startling the lord.

"Is it time to do this at someone else's house? Is it time? There's a child on your side, there"said Bruno, with laughter.

"My helper is a bit slow, but he does everything right""he added.

Giovanna then asked him to take care that you did not fall. "I'm taking care, my love, if I wanted him to fall, I would do what?joked Bruno, swinging the ladder.

Brava, Giovanna ordered: "You stopped playing with both of you! And do not shoot me!".

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