who do you want to delete this week?


One more wall of the BBB was formed and with this is launched the PIRANOT BBB19 and the UOL site. The Voting is further down.

Self-immunized, Rizia tried to give the angel to Gabriela. With that she could not be voted on. Leader Paula indicated Rodrigo, saying that he would put her on the break, as she has done in the past. She also said that the nominee is not consistent with the game that he has done.

The nominee, this week, could choose a name to go to the breakwater. He chose Carol Peixinho. Already the house indicated Hariany with four votes.

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The PIRANOT BBB 19 poll points to the elimination of the week. See, as often as you like, the partial vote by updating, as many times as you like, the page throughout the day.


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