Whindersson Nunes reassures fans after emergency surgery


The comedian Whindersson Nunes appeared on social networks shortly after performing emergency surgery in the intimate region.

Still recovering from the effect of anesthesia, he reassured fans about his state of health after the procedure.

He came up lying in the hospital room and talked to the followers.

"All right! General anesthesia … Returning the movements of my body, very good. I thought I could not do it. The doctor said, 'It's only up to 10 that you go to sleep.' I sleep nothing, want to see: '1, 2 …' It's over. I woke up with zero bullet. Now I'm going to take a break, wait until I feel good in my head and my tuft ", he said.

Earlier this afternoon (16), the artist revealed that he would undergo surgery and then stay a while away from the spotlight, but he hopes his fans will understand that moment.

"I'm going to operate the tomb in 25 minutes. I'm serious. I was in pain, I went to the doctor and he said I had to operate urgently! But that was all I needed. Who would say that in the midst of so much sadness what would make me laugh would be surgery, for you to see what life is like! But, my friends, you must have seen on Twitter or on TV that I'm not very well, I worked a lot in the last years, I'm tired, I'm going to take some time for myself and soon, I'm back full of story to tell ! ".

The husband of LuĂ­sa Sonza still reassured fans saying that the break will not be long, but did not stipulate a time.

"I want to tell you what I've seen in the world, I want to come back with full force to do what I like the most! I hope you wait for my return, I love you very much, but to be well for you I need to be well with myself! Thank you for all the affection, sending me to the last days, each one, every prayer, every message, you are incredible, I want to be like you! It's quick, I'll be right back! ", finalized


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