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A week ago, midfielder Daniel, who belonged to São Paulo, became prominent in the news. He was found dead on Sunday (28) in a thicket in São José dos Pinhais, Paraná, with severe injuries to the neck and without the penis. Since then, many stories have been divulged, some true ones, other versions misrepresented. Here's what we know about the case:

Suspect admits crime

The murder suspect is already known: businessman Edison Brittes Junior admitted to committing the crime. Juninho, as he is known, claims to have protected his wife, Cristiana Brittes, who would have been attacked by the athlete while she was asleep.

Witness says crime was jealous

A witness considered fundamental in the case told the Civil Police of Paraná that the motivation of the crime was jealousy, since Daniel would have become involved with Cristiana.

According to the witness, Daniel was beaten by four men at Edison's house, where an after-party was being held after his 18-year-old daughter's birthday party, Allana Brittes. Also according to the witness's report, the attackers took a knife, put the player "practically defunct" in the trunk of a car and left.

Threatened witness

In an interview with UOL Esporte, a witness to the crime said he had a meeting with Edison on Monday after the incident. The suspect's idea was to combine the report that would be given to the police, but she did not agree. After giving the true testimony to the police and the press, the witness feared reprisals.

Family all prey

Edison was temporarily arrested Thursday morning (1st). Besides him, the woman and the daughter were taken to "inquiries". Temporary prisons have a term of 30 days.

Juninho says that he took Daniel from his wife

Edison said in videotaped by his defense lawyer, criminalist Cláudio Dalledone Júnior, who took the athlete off Cristiana and denied that Daniel had a relationship with his wife and daughter. The suspect said the midfielder tried to rape Cristiana.

Allana also recorded a video and told a similar version about the attempted rape and even talked about "screaming" in her mother's room. Father, mother and daughter are temporarily held for 30 days.

Prior to the crime, Daniel spoke through messages with a friend and wrote that he intended "to eat the mother of the birthday girl". Less than 20 minutes later, he said, "I ate her, brat," followed by laughs and photos beside Cristiana, who apparently slept.

Police investigate rape

Police are investigating the rape charge and say Daniel was known to the family. At a press conference on Thursday (1), Amadeu Trevisan, a delegate-holder of the Civil Police of São José dos Pinhais, said authorities still do not know if there was any rape or if Daniel just lay next to Cristiana.

WhatsApp conversations contradict suspect version

Despite the indictment, reproductions of WhatsApp conversations contradict the version that Allana and Edison presented to the police. A series of reproductions of cell phone screens shows that the young woman talked with a mutual friend, with Daniel's mother and an aunt of him after the crime, giving different information.

In these conversations, the suspicion told an aunt of Daniel that there was no fight in his house and that the sock left without causing any problem. In another conversation, she told a friend of the player who did not know where he was. The girl's father, in turn, called to console the ex-player's mother.

Edison is known to the judiciary

The suspect in the crime had already filed a file with the police. In 2015, Edison was denounced to the Public Prosecution Office for fraudulent receipt (article 180 of the Penal Code) of stolen product. According to the complaint signed in June 2018 by the prosecutor Monica Helena Derbli Baggio, Juninho was taken to the police station by the possession of a Hyundai Sonata which he knew to have been stolen. The vehicle's chassis, which had been stolen in Porto Alegre, had been tampered with. His lawyer said his client bought the car without knowing the theft.

Edison's police record also includes two other crimes: illegal possession of weapons (Article 14 of the Disarmament Statute) and insult (Article 140 of the Criminal Code). According to Cláudio Dalledone, his lawyer, Juninho owns a registered Glock 380 pistol. According to his police record, he was eventually acquitted by the case in 2016.

Regarding the occurrence of insult, registered in the judicial system in February 2018, the lawyer was not able to identify the fact that generated the process. "It's a crime of less offensive potential," he countered. "He has no criminal history, has never been arrested, has no conviction," said Dalledone, known for defending defendants in cases of great repercussions, as goalkeeper Bruno.

Who was Daniel?

Daniel was 24 years old and was trained in the Cruzeiro base categories. He collected passages through Botafogo, São Paulo and Coritiba, but successive injuries prevented a greater success. The midfielder was loaned by Morumbi's team to São Bento, where he was trying to resume his career.

Photo: Marcello Zambrana / AGIF (via UOL)



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