What actions can Faculties apply to students at SPC / Serasa?


SPC / Serasa – Eventually, during times of crisis, money is short. With that, school or college tuition can be delayed. Or even stop being paid. However, what the faculty or school may or may not do with delinquent students who have had their names denied SPC / Serasa? Check out.

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What are the measures that schools and colleges may or may not apply to named students at SPC / Serasa?

What measures can schools and colleges apply to named students at SPC / Serasa?
What measures can schools and colleges apply to named students at SPC / Serasa?
  • Students with names in SPC and Serasa

All school / college students who are SPC / Serasa has rights and duties. On the other hand, the educational institution in question also has its own. In both cases, there are limits.

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This relationship is duly regulated by the Consumer Code and certainly aims to maintain the balance in this interaction.

Measures that an educational institution CAN NOT apply to student debtors

According to article 6 of Law 9,870 / 99 and article 42, caput of the Consumer Protection Code, students may not suffer any form of pedagogical "punishment" or embarrassment due to delinquency.

Therefore, the school or college can not:

  • Constranger the student in any way;
  • Punish the educator with his studies;
  • Remove the student from the respective institution before the school year ends;
  • Barring the transfer of the student to another educational institution;
  • Do not allow the student to attend classes until the end of the school term, take the tests, receive grades from his assessments, and require academic papers.

Measures that a school or college MAY apply against debtor students named in SPC and Serasa

On the other hand, the school or college can take the following actions against defaulting students:

  • Do not allow the student's re-enrollment in a new school year;
  • Carry out the detachment of the student from the educational institution;
  • File a lawsuit to obtain payment of the debt;
  • Put the name of the debtor in credit protection agencies, such as the SPC and Serasa. In this context, the contractor itself and its respective guarantor;
  • There is no obligation on the part of the school / college to provide other conditions for discharge of the debt.

Debt settlement and take the name of the SPC and Serasa

According to Procon himself, the school must therefore try to renegotiate this debt with the consumer in order to discharge the debt.

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It is necessary to know that the educational institution has no obligation whatsoever to reduce or totally cut interest, nor to pay the debt. However, in order to avoid problems, it is worthwhile to dialogue before suffering any "punishment".

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