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Rio – The difficulty in losing weight may be related to several factors, such as stress and poor sleep quality. For those who want to lose weight fast, there are habits and lifestyle changes that can help with the journey to the desired weight.

Ana Luisa Vilela, the medical nutrologist and weight loss specialist, says there is a difference between eliminating weight on the balance and acquiring more health. To help, the nutróloga presents three allies of those who want to lose weight fast:

Use of enzymes

Enzymes are allied with those who seek to lose weight in the short term because they work on body fat. "The applications are intra or subcutaneous and act to combat localized fat. They are composed of effective and safe substances that act by potentializing the breakdown of fat molecules, activating the metabolism, "explains the doctor.

According to the expert, the enzymes provide a healthy weight loss and can boost up to three times the process. However, she makes a point: these applications can only be made by doctors.

Intense physical activity

The stronger the exercise, the greater the caloric expenditure. An exercise can be considered intense when the heart rate is above 85% of the maximum heart rate, for example.

Including these exercises in the routine also helps you to lose weight fast. However, it is always important to respect the limits of each one.

Specific diets

Those who want to lose weight are still looking for fast-acting diets, such as ketogenic, low-carb or low-glycemic. All dictate the reduction to the extreme of carbohydrates, considered the villains of the diet.

Yes, it's worth doing the bill and cutting calories if the idea is to lose weight, but you have to be careful, even in the short term. Carbohydrates can be reduced but not completely eliminated.

"Cutting out carbohydrates can bring some unpleasant reactions to the body, such as dizziness, headache, insomnia, poor concentration and a bad mood," she says.

"If the body does not have at least 25% of the diet made up of carbohydrates, the body gets stressed and ends up compensating when it comes in contact with the nutrient again. There, a simple baked potato can turn into fat immediately because the body thinks it will go through carbohydrate deprivation again, "adds the nutrologist, who also warns about metabolic schedule.

Metabolic programming occurs when the body is already accustomed to having a certain weight. If the body feels accelerated weight loss, it blocks weight loss by believing that the body is in danger.

Ana Luisa points out the balance as a fundamental factor throughout the journey to lose weight fast. "All nutrients are important for health and should not be cut," says the doctor.


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