Vaccination against influenza starts on Wednesday


In the first days, children under 6 years and pregnant will be vaccinated

– Credit: Divulgação / SES

The Influenza Vaccination Campaign begins next Wednesday, April 10, and runs through May 31.

In the first week, the campaign should be targeted only to pregnant women and children up to 6 years of age. According to the State Department of Health, the group was prioritized this year because it was the least vaccinated in the previous campaign. From April 22 to May 31, people over the age of 60, chronically ill, health workers, indigenous people and teachers may receive the dose. Vaccination will occur at the Basic Health Units of the municipalities, according to with the schedule and schedules established by the Prefectures. On May 4, a Saturday, will have the D-Day of national mobilization, with vaccination throughout the country.


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