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Unick Forex on Record Network shakes investors

Unick Forex has been leaving hundreds of investors to see ships, companies have made several promises to investors regarding cancellation of packages, the company is suspected of trading in a Financial Pyramid scheme.

But a report on Rede Record caught the attention of investors, on Monday (30) the broadcaster brought a report that warned people about financial pyramids, and the company that was featured in the story was nothing less than Unick Forex.

It is noteworthy that Unick Forex promised yields that went up to 1.5% per day, in face of this offer the CVM issued several warnings about the irregularity of this company, incredulous many people continued to bet on Unick Forex, and today rumors that the company is since June without paying customers.

The TV Record report interviewed some people who bet high on Unick Forex, one of which was the case of commercial analyst César Nunes, he has already filed a lawsuit against Unick. His first investment in the company was worth $ 99, but even injected in Unick about $ 13,000.

The report from Fala Brasil also says that the production tried to contact Unick, but they were unsuccessful.

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