Unick Forex is listed as a fraud by site specializing in financial pyramids


The site Badbitcoin.org listed Unick Forex as an update fraud made on Friday (05). "A big [esquema] Ponzi, "the website says.

Badbitcoin is the largest site specializing in exposing fraudulent schemes involving the crypto-coins market. In the air since 2014, the objective is to increase the sector's legitimacy and alert new users not to become future victims.

About Unick Forex, Badbitcoin says: "A great Ponzi. His claims about trading crypto coins are false. Every ponzi scheme collapses and leaves most participants with no money. "

In addition to Unick, Badbitcoin lists almost 7,000 sites considered scams ranging from large financial pyramids worldwide, such as Bitconnect, which has already closed leaving thousands of people at a loss, such as Brazil's Kriptacoin, which had its owners arrested and property seized.

What is Ponzi scheme?

According to Badbitcoin, the Ponzi scheme, also known as the financial pyramid, is any scheme that pays interest to "investors" from new investors.

"A HYIP (high-yield investment program) is just a Ponzi. All Ponzi / Hyps will fail. Subsequent Investors will lose everything when the scheme collapses. "

Step by step

The site even lists the step-by-step of how the mentality behind these scams works:

"You deposit a small amount, either be cautious, can not figure out how they do it – but sometimes they double (or pay pledged interest) and pay.

You think – Oh, that's great, so you redeposited the full amount or just your profit. You get it back and think wow, it works, so you deposit a much larger amount and, at worst, it even engages your friends and family in this wonderful scheme to make money.

Then one day, after a short time, it is simply not returned – there is some problem with your account, or your withdrawal is paralyzed or something like that, then you keep sending email and gradually you realize you've been cheated. Usually, the scammer will show the transaction, but this is not real.

Even if you just put your initial profits back, the con man did not lose anything – and the "investors" who think they are "taking advantage" of the ponzi, upon arriving early, try this, and most of them can not get back either. The people who run the Ponzi are thieves.

Some people empty their life savings into these scams, and it is they that fraudsters really seek. Once they catch that big "investor," they go ahead and create a new ponzi, just leaving the old one alive for a while to clear any new 'investment'. Some even return after an absence of 3 or 6 months to pick up a new load of money. They will never be without victims. It's what they do, and they're experts at it. "

Unick Forex: Forbidden by CVM and investigated by MPF

Unick Forex is suspended from making a public offering of investments because it does not have authorization from the Brazilian Securities and Exchange Commission (CVM). The company tried to reverse the situation, but the collegiate maintained the decision. This, however, has not limited it to continuing to operate in the market.

The Federal Public Prosecutor's Office (MPF) is also investigating Unick Forex. The prosecutor of the Republic Celso Tres, in an interview assigned to the Gaucho program of Radio Gaucha, said that criptomoeda has no regulation does not justify these companies multiply these revenues overnight.

"We had last year more than $ 100 million of credit only from one of these companies. (…) they offer 15% of income per month plus 5% of each new investor that the person brings to the system. "

The Prosecutor stated that the investigation began from data collected by the IRS, the Financial Activities Control Council (Coaf) and some other bodies, which were taken spontaneously by the people.

Although they are some initial elements, as the Federal Prosecutor himself says, he said that everything indicates that it is a "classic case of financial pyramid", as was Telexfree – which in 2013 was dismantled.

"(…) is the famous pyramid in which there is any reason for anyone to offer a great income of money, just as we already had an international case, that even had American involved. It was Telexfree in Brazil, which was phone calls from ads, that people paid and offered 200% of income per year. So here in the case is the cryptomeo. "

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