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Understand the dialogue between Melisandre and Arya in the recent episode of Game

The long awaited Battle of Winterfell in game of Thrones, but one of the moments that most caught the attention of the public were not dragons fighting each other or the army of the dead. One of the biggest doubts was a dialogue between Melisandre and Arya, which leaves some doors open for the future.

In the scene, the two recognize each other after Beric sacrifices himself to save Arya. Melisandre says that this was the Lord of Light's purpose for him, and now that everything has been accomplished, it is time to leave. But the talk of the characters goes beyond and refers to a dialogue of the sixth episode of the third season, "The Climb".

At the time, Arya confronts Melisandre for the purchase of Gendry, but the priestess becomes even more interested in the girl, saying "I see a darkness in you, and in that dark eyes staring at me. Brown eyes, blue eyes and green eyes. Eyes that you will close forever. We'll meet again. "

What is clear then is that Arya would have a role to play in history, but never would she fulfill the destiny of the "promised" who would defeat the King of the Night. In fact, with the resumption of speech in this third chapter of the final season and the certainty of Melisandre, it is doubtful if the priestess already knew exactly what would happen in the third season.

Melisandre was kidnapping Gendry to use his royal blood and end the War of the Five Kings. At least for the fans, the character seemed to totally believe that the prophecy of Azor Ahai referred to Stannis Baratheon. Even when the plans go awry and the character is abandoned by the army (after Shireen's cruel death), Melisandre goes to the wall, not believing that she knows how to interpret the signs sent by the Lord of Light. there's only one breath when she resuscitates Jon Snow.

If the Red Woman knew since then that Arya was destined, why would she diminish her faith? The most logical thing would be for her to follow the girl's evolution from a distance, waiting for the right moment to reveal her task. With all this, it is most likely that during his trip to Essos in the seventh season, Melisandre again interpreted the signs of the Lord of Light and came back reminding of the encounter with the girl, understanding now that the "blue eyes" of his vision were those of the Night King.

The resumption of speech also opens up possibilities for the future. Arya has already killed a fair amount of people, with different eye colors. But the mention "green eye" left the fans excited on the internet with the possibility of Arya killing Cersei. It is worth remembering that Lannister was always on the death list of the young Stark and that even before heading to Winterfell, Arya was going to Porto Real to kill the queen. With all this, it will not be surprising if the girl starred in another iconic moment of this last season.

The final season of game of Thrones is broadcast on Sundays by HBO at 10pm. The new episodes are also available weekly in the streaming HBO Go.

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