Friday , February 28 2020
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"To speak already has parrot"

After a good performance in the 1-1 draw with Santos, away from home, the player Daniel Alves made a big deal on social networks. He stated that he will continue working, since "to speak already has parrot".

"Why look down or sideways if the goal is up? Winning and losing is part of the process and knowing why, part of success !! Talking is easy, hard to do and I've done it … now, I'm going keep doing it because that's what I was born for, to talk about are the parrots ", he posted.

After being cursed in protest by fans last week, the biggest boost of the season was the highlight of yesterday's game. Author of a draw goal, he moved well on the pitch playing as a lead and led the creation of the team.

Sao Paulo comes to three games without a win in Brasileirão and has 53 points in fifth position – Grêmio, with 56, opens the G4 and still plays in the round. The next match of the tricolor for Brasileirão will be against Ceará, on the 24th, at the stadium of Castelão.

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