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June 20, 2016! Tite is announced by the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF) as the new coach of the Brazilian National Team to replace the dismissed Dunga. It was a Monday afternoon, and the novelty came through the social networks of the highest body of football.

The president of CBF was Marco Polo Del Nero, and, alongside the agent, Tite spoke for the first time as the strong man of the most famous selection on the planet. The former coach of Corinthians, also from Rio Grande do Sul, arrived unanimously and received massive support from the press and fans.

Tite made history with the selection in the qualifiers for the World Cup of Russia. In a year's work, the coach managed to get the team out of the sixth place, that is, outside the qualifying zone for the World Cup, and put it at the top.

It was the best campaign in the history of the country with 41 points won: 12 wins, five draws and only one defeat. The "title" in advance, crowned the work of the coach.

July 6, 2018! Two years later, Tite's perfect world collapsed. The criticism, which had already echoed before the Russian Cup, increased even more. On Friday, in the Kazan city of Russia, was marked by the elimination of the selection against Belgium: 2 to 1.

The 23-year-old Tite was beaten by the Belgian trio De Bruyne, Hazard and Lukaku, and back home, frustrated ahead of time. It was the first time the team suffered more than one goal in a match. And it's only the third he's been behind in score: before, had turned a game to 4×1 on Uruguay and been defeated by Argentina by 1×0.

Tite lost his first Cup, and Brazil, the dream of the hexacampeonato. The unanimity of the coach plummeted and the work was questioned. The summons of Tite, with some "stubbornness", became a reason for widespread criticism by the press and fans. In the penultimate summoning last year the coach questioned the title of "unanimous" spoke about "enemies". Tite felt the thump and blew out:

"Unanimity was yours, it was never mine. And I've never put it that way. So, there I would not put it that way. I say again, without being a demagogue, I have many enemies, I have many people that I do not like, people who differ. And, democratically, I respect them. As much as the demonstrations were when I arrived in the Seleção, as now the critics. The only one I do not accept is the wrong information. Criticize in ideas, I am extremely open, because it makes you think and if it is shallow, it only makes you think, but if it is deep, it teaches you. And I have the ability to absorb and reinvent myself. Now, when it's wrong information, it's different. Either it is incompetent, or it has another purpose. This one I take care of. In normal, criticism is normal, it is salutary. Some I hear more, it's about life, about the game. "

June 18, 2019! Tuesday, Fonte Nova Arena, Salvador! 363 days after taking over the Brazilian national team, Tite suffers the fifth tie commanding the team: 0-0 against weak Venezuela. The second match played on Brazilian soil at the Copa America also received fan booing, as well as a 3-0 win over Bolivia in Morumbi. Even with two goals overturned by the VAR, the weak performance was not forgiven and was heavily criticized.

It was the first time in 20 games that the Brazil's national team is no longer scoring a goal. Only four times Tite's team did not score. The Seleção has also failed to win two consecutive Copa América games since 2007.

But inside, the numbers play in Tite's favor: 10 wins and only a draw. Tite has an advantage in the squad: the cast likes his work. With title chances, and excellent numbers, many do not forgive the coach's choices and changes. The team that drew against Venezuela has only four holders of the defeat against Peru in 2016: Alisson, Daniel Alves, Filipe Luís and Coutinho

The Peruvian team of Guerrero will be Brazil's opponents next Friday in Morumbi for the third and final round of the group stage. The two teams are tied for the lead of Group A with four points each. Brazil is the first because of the balance of goals: 3 to 2

Despite the criticism, not everything is lost and the question remains: as a team that achieves 30 wins, six draws and only two defeats – 84%, with 83 goals scored, only 10 conceded, 73 goals questioned What is the main point of vulnerability for which neither the restrospecto support Tite at that moment? Absence of names closer to Brazilian clubs? Remains of the Cup Fall? Deception for not acting with Neymar harder? Or what you see in the field? Or are they outward attitudes?

Below the FOX Sports team reviews Tite's work:


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