Ticiane Pinheiro reveals how many pounds she gained in pregnancy


Waiting for his second daughter, the hostess Ticiane Pinheiro decided to tell how the pregnancy is going.

Entering the sixth month, she revealed that she has gained pounds pounds, but that she is at peace.

"I gained weight five kilos here, I weigh myself two weeks ago, when I went to a doctor's office, I'm not worried about it, like everything else, in a healthy way, real food like rice, beans, meat, chicken, fish, vegetables and salad", she said in an interview for the column of PatrĂ­cia Kogut in the newspaper The globe.

In the interview, she also extolled the importance that the moment brings to her personal life.

"I had forgotten how delicious this moment was, because Rafinha is already 9 years old, this pregnancy is looking like the first one. said.

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