This Monday's prize (01/04) has an estimated prize pool of R $ 1.4 million


Quina: draw for this Monday (01/04) has an estimated prize pool of R $ 1.4 million

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The prize draw for the competition number 4939 will also take place on Monday, April 1st, until this lottery has an award of R $ 1.4 million, however, this prize will only be released to all players who can get it right all 5 numbers that are drawn. Remembering also that the execution of the sweepstakes always happens from the time of the 20 hours!

About the Quina lottery

Quina works through a steering wheel that contains 80 tens, among them the players must choose from 5 to 15 numbers, paying the desired bet amount. When you get the 5 numbers, you pay the amount of $ 1.50, however, the amounts can increase dramatically, however the chances of winning the biggest prizes increase as well.

To play it is essential that the players are 18 years or more, ideally they present a document proving this fact. The raffles take place daily from Monday to Saturday from 8pm!

The flyers can be purchased at the branches, lottery and directly on Caixa's own website!

Check the information about awards and results conference

Regarding the prizes, the fact that the players need to understand is that they can be granted face-to-face in Caixa's official sites: lotéricas and / or bank branches.

The bettor to be able to request the right to receive the prizes must have 2 to 5 hits, otherwise the prizes will not be awarded. It should also be noted that the bettors must be in possession of their document (preferably the identity) and the winning hand wheel, and then after the appropriate conferences the prizes will then be requested.

In the lottery the value of receipt can not exceed R $ 1,332.78, in case premiums are exceeded, they must be requested directly from the bank branches, they grant up to R $ 10 thousand on the same day. Remember that if the values ​​exceed they will be granted within 48 hours!

As for the results, these will be available here directly in our Portal A Folha Hoje, always from Monday to Saturday after the schedule of the sweepstakes!


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