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These data show the biggest differences between Corinthians de Coelho and Carille

After two games of Corinthians under Dyego Coelho against opponents of considerably different levels, the My helm compared the numbers of these last matches with those of the last two matches of the team under the command of Fabio Carille.

It is necessary to point out that the technical levels of the rivals are relatively similar: while Carille said goodbye with games against CSA (bottom table) and Flamengo (top), Coelho began his career against Fortaleza (bottom) and then Palmeiras ( up).

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Of course, the results are initially worth mentioning: with Carille, there were two losses, six goals conceded and only two recorded in this short sample; with Coelho, a win and a draw scored by four goals in favor and three against.

Behind these raw data, however, are more detailed statistics that help to understand the change Corinthians has been going through before Tiago Nunes takes over as head coach of 2020. Coelho's team, in short, has more appreciation for the ball. and makes a "grosser" (and foul) game compared to Carille's team.

Ball possession

It is one of the most outstanding comparatives between Coelho and Carille. The difference between the games against Fortaleza and CSA and between the classic against Palmeiras and Flamengo is striking: the current interim team has much more appreciation for possession.

  • 58.98% against Fortaleza (Coelho)
  • 55.05% against the CSA (Carille)
  • 50.55% against Palmeiras (Coelho)
  • 33.63% against Flamengo (Carille)


Perhaps most important statistic for comparing the differences in Coelho and Carille styles, the submissions show little evolution with the interim. Although with not very significant numbers, were two more kicks against Fortaleza (compared to the duel against CSA) and one more against Palmeiras (compared to the match against Flamengo).

  • 13 (6 right) against Fortaleza (Coelho)
  • 11 (2 right) against CSA (Carille)
  • 8 (3 right) against Palmeiras (Coelho)
  • 7 (4 right) against Flamengo (Carille)
Corinthians had acts

Corinthians de Carille had very contested action against CSA

Rodrigo Gazzanel / Ag. Corinthians


Here the comparison is once again significant. Coelho's Corinthians trade many more passes than Carille's (and more accurately). These are statistics that dialogue directly with the increase of possession of the ball of Timão after change of technical command.

  • 515 certain, with 96.44% accuracy, against Fortaleza (Coelho)
  • 424 right, with 95.28% accuracy, against CSA (Carille)
  • 328 right, with 89.86% accuracy, against Palmeiras (Coelho)
  • 185 right, with 82.96% accuracy, against Flamengo (Carille)


Perhaps this is the most balanced statistic in the comparison Dyego Coelho x Fábio Carille. Together the two games of each, are 35 tackles of Timon against Fortaleza and Palmeiras and another 35 against CSA and Flamengo.

Under Coelho's command, the game that proved to be "most popular" for Corinthians was Derby. Already with Carille on the edge of the field, it was in the match against CSA that "the animal caught".

  • 20 against Palmeiras (Coelho)
  • 18 against CSA (Carille)
  • 17 against Flamengo (Carille)
  • 15 against the Fortress (Coelho)


With very similar numbers in relation to the crossings, even the percentage of efficiency with such foundation is similar: Corinthians de Coelho took advantage of this feature to make two goals (against Fortaleza) of its four so far; Carille's, in the two games mentioned, had one of the two goals scored originated precisely from the ball raised in the area (against Flamengo).

  • 18 (6 right) against Fortaleza (Coelho)
  • 17 (6 right) against CSA (Carille)
  • 12 (5 right) against Flamengo (Carille)
  • 12 (2 right) against Palmeiras (Coelho)

Fouls committed

Here there is also another quite distinct data. Coelho's Corinthians, like what Tiago Nunes's Athletico Parana put into practice, "beats" a lot more than Carille's. In front of Fortaleza, Timão committed twice as many fouls as Flamengo.

  • 18 against the Fortress (Coelho)
  • 17 against Palmeiras (Coelho)
  • 10 against CSA (Carille)
  • 9 against Flamengo (Carille)

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