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The Sims 4 University Life Cheats List

The Sims 4 University Life was launched today and this expansion has brought a lot of news, which you can check out on here in our full review of this package. As usual, we always publish to you the cheats of each new package and this time saw no different. We already have a list of all the cheats of this expansion and all are working properly, we have tested them all in our game, so just follow the instructions below to make the codes work.

* Remember to always leave the “testingcheats true”Enabled before typing the cheats below!


This expansion brought only a new trait, which is actually a reward trait, which is acquired when a Sim in the career of Electronic Games Competitor arrives at the last stage of his career. Even though this career is short, with only 3 promotions your Sim receives, there is an even faster way to get that trait without having to wait for your Sim to be promoted all three times:

Trace "Experienced Player traits.equip_trait trait_SeasonedGamer


There are two new skills in this expansion, which is to Research and Debate and the of Robotics. Both skills have 10 levels, so at the end of the code below you should change the “[número]”For a number of 1-10, which are the levels of these skills, for example, if I want your Sim to have level 6 robotics skill, I'll put the ending like this: stats.set_skill_level Major_Robotics 6th

Ability to Robotics stats.set_skill_level Major_Robotics [número]
Ability to Research and Debate stats.set_skill_level Major_ResearchDebate [número]


There are five new careers in this expansion, that of Football player, Electronic Games Competitor, Engineer, Lawyer and Educator. With the cheats below you can promote your Sims in these careers and reach the last level of each one:

Career of Football player careers.promote careers_Volunteer_SoccerTeam
Career of Electronic Games Competitor careers.promote career_Volunteer_E-Sports
Career of Engineer careers.promote careers_Adult_Engineer
Career of Lawyer careers.promote careers_Adult_Law
Career of Educator careers.promote careers_Adult_Education

Servant (Robot)

With this cheat you can automatically turn your Sim into a Servant. (which are the robots of this expansion) and also do the reverse effect, untransform a Servant into a normal Sim:

Turn Yes into Servant traits.equip_trait trait_Humanoid_Robots_MainTrait
Untransform Servant traits.remove_trait trait_Humanoid_Robots_MainTrait


You can turn your Sim into a teacher.

Knowledge is Magic bucks.unlock_perk witchPerks_Prowess_1_KnowledgeIsMagic true 49153 [SimID]

University Diplomas

There are 13 courses your Sim can take at the universities of Britechester and Foxbury. Your Sim can earn two types of diploma in courses, the diploma for completing the course and another diploma for completing the course with merit. To make it easier, let's leave the diplomas of Britechester University in this color, the diplomas of the Foxbury Institute in this color and the diplomas with merit in bold and with the pain of your respective university:

Culinary Arts traits.equip_trait trait_University_CulinaryArtsDegreeBA
traits.equip_trait trait_University_CulinaryArtsDegreeBAHonors
traits.equip_trait trait_University_CulinaryArtsDegreeBS
traits.equip_trait trait_University_CulinaryArtsDegreeBSHonors
Dramatic Arts traits.equip_trait trait_University_DramaDegreeBA
traits.equip_trait trait_University_DramaDegreeBAHonors
traits.equip_trait trait_University_DramaDegreeBS
traits.equip_trait trait_University_DramaDegreeBSHonors
Fine Arts traits.equip_trait trait_University_FineArtDegreeBA
traits.equip_trait trait_University_FineArtDegreeBAHonors
traits.equip_trait trait_University_FineArtDegreeBS
traits.equip_trait trait_University_FineArtDegreeBSHonors
Biology traits.equip_trait trait_University_BiologyDegreeBA
traits.equip_trait trait_University_BiologyDegreeBAHonors
traits.equip_trait trait_University_BiologyDegreeBS
traits.equip_trait trait_University_BiologyDegreeBSHonors
Computer science traits.equip_trait trait_University_ComputerScienceDegreeBA
traits.equip_trait trait_University_ComputerScienceDegreeBAHonors
traits.equip_trait trait_University_ComputerScienceDegreeBS
traits.equip_trait trait_University_ComputerScienceDegreeBSHonors
Communication traits.equip_trait trait_University_CommunicationsDegreeBA
traits.equip_trait trait_University_CommunicationsDegreeBAHonors
traits.equip_trait trait_University_CommunicationsDegreeBS
traits.equip_trait trait_University_CommunicationsDegreeBSHonors
economy traits.equip_trait trait_University_EconomicsDegreeBA
traits.equip_trait trait_University_EconomicsDegreeBAHonors
traits.equip_trait trait_University_EconomicsDegreeBS
traits.equip_trait trait_University_EconomicsDegreeBSHonors
Physical traits.equip_trait trait_University_PhysicsDegreeBA
traits.equip_trait trait_University_PhysicsDegreeBAHonors
traits.equip_trait trait_University_PhysicsDegreeBS
traits.equip_trait trait_University_PhysicsDegreeBSHonors
Story traits.equip_trait trait_University_HistoryDegreeBA
traits.equip_trait trait_University_HistoryDegreeBAHonors
traits.equip_trait trait_University_HistoryDegreeBS
traits.equip_trait trait_University_HistoryDegreeBSHonors
Art History traits.equip_trait trait_University_ArtHistoryDegreeBA
traits.equip_trait trait_University_ArtHistoryDegreeBAHonors
traits.equip_trait trait_University_ArtHistoryDegreeBS
traits.equip_trait trait_University_ArtHistoryDegreeBSHonors
Literature and Literature traits.equip_trait trait_University_LanguageAndLiteratureDegreeBA
traits.equip_trait trait_University_LanguageAndLiteratureDegreeBAHonors
traits.equip_trait trait_University_LanguageAndLiteratureDegreeBS
traits.equip_trait trait_University_LanguageAndLiteratureDegreeBSHonors
Psychology traits.equip_trait trait_University_ArtHistoryDegreeBA
traits.equip_trait trait_University_PsychologyDegreeBAHonors
traits.equip_trait trait_University_PsychologyDegreeBS
traits.equip_trait trait_University_PsychologyDegreeBSHonors
Villainy traits.equip_trait trait_University_VillainyDegreeBA
traits.equip_trait trait_University_VillainyDegreeBAHonors
traits.equip_trait trait_University_VillainyDegreeBS
traits.equip_trait trait_University_VillainyDegreeBSHonors

A bonus is a Mixology certificate your Sim can receive:

Mixology Certificate traits.equip_trait trait_University_BartenderDegree

These are all cheats of this new expansion. Stay tuned on our website for more news from The Sims World and be sure to follow us on our social networks, we are raffling THREE copies of The Sims 4 University Life on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, so you can't miss participating, the draw ends this Sunday (17), click here to participate in the draw.

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