'The Owner of the Piece': Vivi is abandoned and humiliated at the altar after treason


Vivi Guedes's novel will not end well for the blogger.

The character of Paolla Oliveira who is stealing the scene in The owner of the piece you will enter a tide of chance. After getting involved with Chiclete (Sérgio Guizé), who was originally hired to kill her, she will end up abandoned at the altar by the groom.

Camilo (Lee Taylor) will follow the clues provided by Fabiana (Nathalia Dill) regarding the case of Vivi and Chiclete and will follow the bride to a motel. By now, Vivi will have tried to end her relationship with the killer, but she gives in when he asks for a last night. Camilo ends up catching the two entering the place together and gets the security images.

The video is displayed on the altar after Camilo refuses marriage vows and calls Vivi "slut"The situation has one more complication, since although both ignore this fact, Chiclete is cousin of Vivi. The blogger will be humiliated and, shortly after, will have the surprise to discover that Fabiana has plotted against her time everything.

The information is from TV News and the scenes will air on July 15.


The character of Nathalia Dill you will get what you want: it will be rich through a blow applied in conjunction with Agno (Malvino Salvador). The two will plot to make it a partner of the construction company of the family of Vivi (Paolla Oliveira).

The blogger will distrust the intentions of the sister and the two will end up in a physical fight in which Fabiana will catch a lot.

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