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The deadline for submitting the 2019 Income Tax return ends on Tuesday | Income Tax 2019

The deadline for submitting the 2019 Income Tax return for the base year 2018 ends on Tuesday (30), at 11:59 p.m.

The IRS expects to receive 30.5 million statements. Up to 12h on Monday (29), 24,387,237 statements were received – about 80% of the total.

The fine for the taxpayer who does not make the declaration or deliver it after the deadline will be at least R $ 165.74. The maximum amount corresponds to 20% of the tax due.


Incomplete declaration avoids fine

For taxpayers who have not yet been able to gather all the data and documents required to submit the declaration, an option is incomplete delivery, followed by a rectifying statement. Anyone who has encountered problems with the declaration already submitted can also use this option to correct the errors. Sending incomplete returns can be a solution to save time and avoid fines.

The procedure for making a rectifying statement is the same as for a common declaration, and can be done by the same IR 2019 program. The difference is that in the field "Taxpayer Identification" should be informed that the statement is rectifier.

However, the rectifier declaration must be in the same model as the original declaration (complete or simplified), which may impact the calculation of the tax payable or the refund.

Unlike what some may think, sending a rectifier statement does not mean that the taxpayer will automatically go into the fine mesh.

The rectification period is five years, but it is important for the taxpayer to do so as soon as possible so as not to risk falling into the fine mesh. There is no charge to do this.

A novelty this year is that taxpayers can check on the e-CAC website, the day after sending the statement, if they have any divergence.

When the holder of the declaration has pending or debits, the following warnings will be printed on the receipt of the declaration:

  • "There were outstanding debts within the scope of the Brazilian Internal Revenue Service or the Attorney General of the National Treasury"
  • "The existence of pending claims in previous years has been identified"

Refunds will begin to be paid in June and continue through December for taxpayers whose statements have not fallen into the fine mesh.

  • Who received taxable income above R $ 28,559.70 in 2018. The amount is the same as last year's tax return.
  • Taxpayers who received income exempt, non-taxable or taxed exclusively at source, whose sum was more than R $ 40,000 last year;
  • Who obtained, in any month of 2018, capital gain on the sale of goods or rights, subject to the tax incidence, or carried out operations on stock exchanges, commodities, futures and the like;
  • Who had, in 2018, gross income in excess of R $ 142,798.50 in rural activity;
  • Who had, until December 31, 2018, the possession or ownership of goods or rights, including naked land, with a total value exceeding R $ 300,000;
  • Who became a resident in Brazil in any month of last year and in this condition was on December 31, 2018;
  • Who has opted for exemption from value-added tax obtained on the sale of residential properties whose proceeds from the sale are applied in the acquisition of residential real estate located in the country, within 180 days, counted from the conclusion of the sale contract;
  • Those who opt for the simplified declaration give up all deductions allowed under tax laws, such as those for education and health expenses, but are entitled to a deduction of 20% of the value of taxable income, limited to R $ 16,754.34, same amount last year.

To settle the accounts with the lion, the taxpayer must download the program generated by the Income Tax 2019. From the computer, the taxpayer can download the programs of Windows, Multiplatform (zip) and Others (Mac, Linux, Solaris).

  • Click here to download the program

You can also declare using "tablets" or "smartphones." In this case, you should search the applications in the virtual stores. The delivery can also be made on the website of the tax authorities, in the format "online" – with digital certificate.

The taxpayer can import data from 2018 to facilitate the filing, which should be done early in the filing. In case the last declaration has been rectified, it must be replaced by the receipt number of the last online rectifier.

The Receitanet (program for sending the declaration) was incorporated into the IR 2019 program, and its separate installation is not necessary.

The program for completing the return is the same for the two forms of taxation (using legal deductions or the simplified discount). At the beginning of the filing, guidelines are given on the forms of taxation and, at the end, when the declaration is submitted, the program will present a comparative table so that the taxpayer can choose the most favorable option.

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