Super Smash Bros. Ultimate flooded by inappropriate levels that Nintendo started to remove •


The arrival of the update 3.0 to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate implemented the "Stage Builder" mode and the community introduced sex-like creations almost immediately.

As expected, Nintendo began to remove content generated by users it deems inappropriate – not necessarily related to sex.

WARNING: This article includes NSFW content.

Most of the content that began to emerge online shortly after the arrival of this new mode consisted of images that could be considered offensive – some creations include offensive and racist images, while others include Susticas.

The number of Nintendo-related scenarios is not even talked about, they have become incredibly popular and suggest on the main page of the official Nintendo Switch app, something that does not match what you expect from a Nintendo game.

One example of this "Double Dick Dude", created to test the rules and conduct of Nintendo and was presented to the entire community of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

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<p>After its publication in the game, the creator of the level received a message from Nintendo with a warning about the use of "obscene and / or sexual expressions" when creating levels in the game.</p>
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However, not all decisions of Nintendo are generating consensus and some levels with contents such as the flag transgnero or with names like "Trans Rights" are in danger of being removed – some of the creators temporarily banned.

One of the creators, Warm Safflina, has received an email from Nintendo notifying it of the removal of its level where it promotes transgender rights for "inappropriate and / or offensive" content,

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<p>Later, she says she was informed by the Nintendo support line that her level was removed because it was considered a "political statement" and her account was suspended for 9 hours.</p>
<p>This generated Nintendo critics by players who claim that it is not a political statement.</p>
<p>However, many other levels with similar content remain available and Nintendo may face a tough battle to moderate Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.</p>
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<p>Just look for terms like "dick" and you can find some levels, although the vast majority have already been removed. However, as advanced by Eurogamer, you can still see the creations associated with your account and download them again.</p>
<p>The levels with Susticas seem to have disappeared, but there are still levels with a Ugandan Knuckles, for example. New levels with inappropriate content appear every hour and Nintendo has a tough fight ahead</p>
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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate an incredibly popular game and the task of moderating the creations of players surely require a lot of Nintendo's moderation team.

However, one thing certain, presenting levels with offensive content can get you in trouble before Nintendo.


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