STF rehearses reaction to the anticipation of retirement by purseholders


247 – Although the work of the president-elect Jair Bolsonaro (PSL) is moving to revoke the measure that has resulted in the postponement of compulsory retirement, from 70 to 75 years, by the Federal Supreme Court (STF) ministers, the initiative has already provoked reactions by the Court. For the STF ministers, the revision of the project, called the PEC of the cane, would only be valid for the next nominees and not for the current members of the Court.

According to the Panel column, Folha de S. Paulo, another resistance front is next to the Superior Court of Justice (STJ). For STJ ministers, repeal of the cane SGP would result in regulatory problems with repercussions on the state's public service.

In addition, some STJ ministers also argue that repeal without a transitional rule, which ensures vested rights for ministers and magistrates who have reached the age of 70, would be unconstitutional.

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