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Steam Summer Promotion Date leaked; prepare your pocket

In the same week that the Epic Games Store confirmed that it will start its promotions system soon, the dates on which the next big discounts on Steam began leaked on the internet. The already traditional Summer Promotion of the Valve platform is scheduled to begin on June 25th – meaning you have more than a month ahead to separate the money.


According to SteamDB, which has revealed several other promotional periods of the system in the past, this year's promotion will last until July 9. So far it is not known what the discounts will be offered by the system, nor will we see again some special activity that gives advantages to those who spend a lot.

While early on Steam promotions were marked by frequent-rotation offerings, Valve has lately preferred to work with continuous rebates throughout the period. If you are looking to upgrade your PC library, it is worth waiting for the start of the event, as the final savings can be substantial.

Date of the next Steam Summer Promotion leaks; prepare the wallet via Voxel

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