Son of Letícia Spiller is the new protagonist of Fitness


The actor and musician Pedro Novaes has shown that he will follow in the footsteps of his parents on TV. Son of Letícia Spiller and Marcello Novaes, it will be on the air in the same period in which the parents also shine in the small screen of the Globe, in the novel The Seventh Guardian. This is because he has just been announced as the protagonist of next season's Fitness: Every Way to Love.

The boy made tests for the production and conquered all. He is very happy with this professional opportunity, since it is his first novel in the fixed cast of the plot. Before Workout, he had already taken part in Rising sun, from 2016, in which he played the character of his father when he was young.

About to take his first steps as an actor, Pedro is already a known musician. He is one of the members of the Fuze Band, which formed with his brother, Diogo Novaesthe cousin Felipe Novaes and the friend Guilherme Fonseca. In the group, Pedro is the drummer.

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