'So Cssio' elected best Corinthian in the field in Argentina; See reviews for Faithful



Cssio 'saves' the Thymus in El Cilindro and rises to his feet; goalkeeper-elect

Daniel Augusto Jr / Ag. Corinthians

He defended two penalties and helped (and a lot!) To put Corinthians in the second phase of the Copa Sudamericana. Cássio was elected by the My timon, the best man on the field in the 1-1 draw with Racing (ARG) that took place on Wednesday night at the El Cilindro stadium in Avellaneda, Greater Buenos Aires.

Cássio (9.6) was safe during the 90 minutes, despite the goal from Cristaldo, who beat Fagner from the top and hit the right post in the right corner of the archer. In the penalties, however, the star of the Giant Corinthian: he defended the kicks of Domínguez and Solari, contributing to the conquest of the vacancy in Argentine soil.

As good as Cassius was Vagner Love (9.3). The striker started the clash on the bench and needed only five minutes left in the field to make it all the same at the start of the second half. The shirt 9 marked his volley, left leg. Shortly after, still had golden chance to turn the score but saw the goalkeeper Arias do miracle and avoid his second and Timon.

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On the other hand, four players scored below 5.0: center back Manoel, Henrique, midfielder Clayson (who was voted worst on the field) and left-back Danilo Avelar. Highlight the part for the latter, who wasted his penalty kick.

Next, check out all reader ratings from the My timon on the characters of the Corinthian classification in South America!

Get connected! – Timão now turns the key and returns to the contest of the Paulista Championship. On Saturday, visit São Bento, at 16:30, at the Walter Ribeiro stadium in Sorocaba.

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