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Search for flu vaccine has extremes among health units – Capital

The search for the flu vaccine has caused some extremes in different Cheers of Campo Grande this Sunday (28). While the Tiradentes Regional Health Center (CRS) had a large queue in its in the vaccine room, the 24-hour unit in the Nova Bahia neighborhood remained quiet throughout the day, with a weak demand.

Among parents with children and the elderly, Magnolia Seba, 80, waited an hour ago to be immunized in CRS Tiradentes. She says that she works during the week and so chose to come over the weekend. "I always take the vaccines. My wallet is full by day. I've been here for almost an hour, but the way is to wait, "he said, noting that he is not afraid of a vaccine, much less believe in the myths about immunization.

Fernando Henrique Barbosa, 40, took his 1 and a half year old and 3 year old grandchildren to get vaccinated. For him too, work during the week and the day-to-day running made many people opt for the weekend. "I arrived now and like him not for I stay here looking after my son while waiting in line," he explained.

Without identifying herself, an employee said that in the morning and even in the rain, the number of people was still larger and the queue even doubled the corridors within the CRS Tiradentes.

Calmaria – The day was quiet enough at the Nova Bahia unit. The service was quick in the face of the few people who came to get immunized. And so it was all day, according to officials.

Anderson Ribeiro Sevalho, 36, went with his wife to take his father-in-law to get vaccinated. Less than five minutes after they arrived, they were attended to. "During the week the vaccination schedule is the same as our schedule, so we can not bring it, but it's really empty, I thought it might take some time," he said, encouraged by the agility.

Sesau (Municipal Secretary of Cheers) reported that the balances on vaccination are only available on Fridays. In the last one (27), it was pointed out that more than 35 thousand people had been vaccinated in Campo Grande, within the goal of immunizing 219,615 people from the risk groups.

Still according to Sesau the campaign follows normally, without interferences or lack of vaccine. The medication is available in the 68 UBSs (Basic Units of Cheers) and UBSFs (Basic Units of Family Health). These locations are open according to the time established by each unit to serve the population of the at-risk group.

At the end of the week, vaccination is carried out in four Regional Centers: Nova Bahia, Tiradentes, Aero Rancho and Coophavilla II. The vaccination rooms will be open from 6:15 am to 5:45 p.m., with no break for lunch.

Numbers – This Monday (29), Sesau puts into operation a bus to carry out the immunization in the central region of the Capital. And on May 4, D-Day happens, when the campaign is expected to intensify. The vaccine is effective against major strains of the influenza virus, which causes the flu, including H1N1, H3N2 and Influenza A.

Until 26 April, the Cheers 302 reports of the disease in the State, with three confirmed cases (two of H3N2 and one of H1N1) and one death, by H3N2, in January. On the same day, the Health Department of Três Lagoas announced a second death by disease, by H1N1. An elderly woman from Batayporã also died with symptoms of the disease on the same day.

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