Scientists discover 'horn' growing in youth's crony for cell phone use


Scientists discover 'horn' growing in youth's crony for cell phone use

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Young men are developing horns on the back of their head due to incorrect posture. The causes are being attributed to the use of portable devices

That technology transforms the way we do a lot of everyday tasks we all know, but that it can change something in our very worrying body. Several researches in the field of biomechanics are suggesting that youngsters are developing horns (yes, you did not read wrong) on ​​the back of their skulls.

In fact, they are only spores caused by the frontal inclination of the head. The main cause is being pointed out as the use of cell phones and other portable devices. When we use any apparatus, normal that our neck is curved and this deviation of posture can cause a bone growth and of tendes in the back of the neck. This can happen due to the transfer of head weight to only part of the column.

This situation can be compared to how the skin thickens the region of callus and other traumas in response to pressure exerted in that place. As a result of all this, a hook or a cipher-like tip is growing and coming out of the crony of several people.

According to scientists at the University of the Costa del Sol in Australia, this may be the first documentation of a physiological or skeletal adaptation due to the penetration of advanced technology in everyday life. They also said that smartphones and other portable devices are primarily responsible for the human body being "squirming" by requiring users to tilt their heads to understand what is happening on miniature screens.

Even with the strangeness caused, David Shahar, one of the authors of the study, warns that this unusual formation is a serious sign that the individual's posture is totally incorrect, and that this can cause serious chronic headaches, as well as pain in the part top of the spine and neck.

The most affected

The study has been conducted since 2016. David said that they had a sample of 218 X-rays of people aged 18 to 30, where it was observed that bone growth was seen in 41% of the results, much more than the researchers' initial projections .

Another quite revealing feature was that the condition prevails among men. In women this was not very common. These results raise alarming questions about our posture and how much we are letting technology be present in our lives.

Those who should care about this are people who have used some kind of technology since they were little. "These forms take a long time to develop, so that means that those individuals who suffer from them have probably forced this area since childhood," David explained.

Is there any way to avoid it?

According to the scientists involved in the research, "the answer in banning technology, there are less drastic ways". They emphasize the public's awareness of the indiscriminate use of technology and its bone structure damage. "All those who use technology during the day should have the habit of 'recalibrating' their posture at night," the study says.

Right now you must have been worried about this, right? You can verify the emergence of this "horn", just pass your fingertips near the area where the neck meets the spine, if any protuberance or precipitation is found in the region, the council to seek a doctor to assess the condition .

Via: The Washington Post


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