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Samsung launches Galaxy S10 5G to stratosphere but device ends up falling on farm

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Last week Samsung launched the SpaceSelfie project in London: it is a combination of a Galaxy S10 5G, a high altitude balloon and solar powered equipment. According to a company statement, this was the first time a selfie was sent into space – although the flight went to the stratosphere, not reaching space itself. The equipment came about 35 km above the Earth's surface, but at the end of the mission, it collided with the ground in rural Michigan.

The purpose of the campaign was for users to see the photo of their faces against the real space as background. To do this, just create a selfie and send to the device in the balloon, all through a hotsite created especially for the promotional campaign. The best images were made available on the official SpaceSelfie project page.

Everything went well, at least until the balloon landed. After experiencing some weather difficulties, SpaceSelfie landed on a woman's property in rural Michigan. Mumby-Welke and her husband heard a loud noise outside their home in Gratiot County on Saturday morning (26), and then found the device. "We realized it had fallen from the sky. It looked like a satellite," Mumby-Welke said.

The couple quickly noticed on the device the logos of Samsung and Raven Industries – the smartphone maker's partner company in this project. With an Internet search, they knew it was the SpaceSelfie campaign.

A Samsung spokesman explained that the balloon descent was planned, but "weather conditions resulted in an early landing in a rural area." He added that “no injuries occurred and the balloon was subsequently recovered.” For Samsung, the final balance turned out to be positive even as the ending went unplanned. You can check out the selected images on the SpaceSelfie page.


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