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Result of the draw of Timemania this Tuesday (06/11) co

On Tuesday, November 6, 2018, the lottery Timemania, this draw is worth a prize of R $ 1.5 million reais and to win the prize the bettors must hit the "team of the heart" and another 7 dozen.

This lottery of Caixa, always draws the lottery at 20 o'clock, official time of Brasília.

Result of the draw of Timemania this Tuesday (06/11) with a prize of R $ 1.5 million of real image: reproduction / internet

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For those people who do not know how the Timemania, the most important tip is that this lottery is ideal for people who love football and lotteries.

Therefore, the lottery is excellent for betting especially if the gambler is very fond of football, because within this lottery it is possible to help the desired team!

To play in this lottery, first of all it is necessary for the bettor interested to buy the official flyer, noting that it can only be purchased directly from lottery houses or the various branches of Caixa that exist in Brazil.

However, in order to bet it is important that you be 18 years old or older, otherwise this bettor will not be able to play as the law does not allow! The value of the bet is R $ 2.00.

How to play

To play in this lottery is very simple: the bettor will have the wheel and within this wheel there are 80 numbers available for play, among these 80 the bettor should choose only 10 numbers and another lucky team (there are 80 teams available too)

Those bettors who can hit from 3 to 7 numbers will be able to win prizes, obviously that the value of the prize will vary according to the number of dozens that are correct!

The bettor can still use Surprise to complete his game, or he can repeat his games through Teimosinha, and in this lottery can repeat for up to 4 consecutive contests.

Tracking Results

For bettors who want to know about the results of this lottery, just access our website every Tuesday, Thursday and on Saturdays from 20 hours!

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