Result of Lotofácil 1829 of Wednesday (06/19/2019)


LOTOFÁCIL, COMPETITION 1,829 – Check out the result of the lottery of the 1829 competition of Lotofácil this Wednesday, June 19, 2019. The draw happens from 20 hours, in the Lottery Space of Caixa, in São Paulo, and the estimated prize is R $ 4 ,5 million.


Today, starting at 8:00 pm, the Mega-Sena lottery, contest 2,161, which has an estimated prize of R $ 125 million, also takes place. The extractions of the Federal Lottery, contest 5.398, happened at 19h.

How to play at Lotofácil?

To test your luck, you must choose at least 15 dozen on the Lotofácil betting wheel, which is available at any lottery. To play, you must be 18 years or older. It is also possible to bet on the internet, through the Caixa Online Lottery website. Through the site, you also have the option "Chance Todo Dia", where you can bet, in one go, in all modalities for a period of one week. There are several other types of betting combos. Choose one or more at the Online Lottery site and increase your chance at Lotofácil.

By choosing a simple bet, you can still let the system pick the numbers for you through Surprise. And if you are an insistent person, who trusts your own choices, you can compete with the same bet for 3, 6, 9 or 12 consecutive contests through Teimosinha.


The minimum bet amount of 15 numbers is R $ 2.00. For 16 numbers, the value is $ 32.00. For 17 and 18, the amounts are R $ 272.00 and R $ 1,632.00, respectively.


The prizes correspond to 45% of the collection, the additional being already computed to the Ministry of Sports. Prizes are divided as follows:

  • 65% among 15-number hitters;
  • 20% among the hitters of 14 numbers among the 15 drawn;
  • 15% are accumulated for the first track (15 hits) of the special contest of Independence, held in September of each year.

The maximum prize pool is generally around R $ 1 and 2 million. But in certain cases, as in the special draw for Independence, it can reach close to $ 100 million. The prize given to those who hit 14 numbers ranges from R $ 1.4 thousand to R $ 5 thousand. For those who hit 13 numbers, the values ​​are in the hundreds of reais. For those who hit 12 or 11 dozen, there is only a small profit, for those who make the bets of $ 2.00.

Lotofácil's curiosities

  • The biggest award in the history of Lotofácil came out in September 2015, in the special contest of Independence. The value was R $ 89,610,756.66.
  • The highest award of 14 points also came out in September 2015. The value was R $ 9,642,290.28.
  • The highest of 13 points, which came out in the same contest of September 2018, was R $ 4,634,380.00.
  • The state of São Paulo is the one that has the most winners of Lotofácil. There were 2303 winners. But this is largely explained by the large population of the state. Minas Gerais comes in second place, with 811 lucky people.
  • On the other hand, Roraima is the least lucky state. There were only seven winners.
  • The most drawable ten of Lotofácil is number 13. They are no less than 1132 apparitions.


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