Monday , April 19 2021

Renato Gaucho has a proposal from another Brazilian club for 2019, second president of the Grêmio

Grêmio coach Renato Gaucho has a proposal to run another Brazilian club in 2019. The revelation comes from the Gremista president, Romildo Bolzan Júnior, who spoke to the press after the team's classification of the gaucho team to next year's Libertadores.

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According to the agent, Renato Gaúcho "has a proposal of the Brazilian market" of a team "of tip".

"Renato has a proposal, I think of the Brazilian market, cutting edge. I'm very hopeful that we will consolidate a hit, "said Romildo Bolzan.

The Gremista president also admitted that the club has already made an official proposal to renew with Renato.

"We made a proposal, but we are not making progress because we are working on the idea of ​​ending this phase of the championship and qualifying. Then you have time to talk, "he said.

Casting Changes

The Grêmio must release some players that are in the end of contract. Romildo used the word "transition" to explain that there will be changes in the current squad.

"Grêmio has already renewed practically all contracts. There are some left to be worked on. Transition will have to be, have no doubt. It may be with the permanence of older players coming others. It could be with some way out. Let's wait for the finalization of the talks with Renato to delve a little more in this ", ends Bolzan.

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