Remedies can stay up to 4.33% more expensive as of Monday



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The price of medicines sold in Brazil can increase up to 4.33% from this Monday (1st). The amount, defined by the Market for Regulation of the Medicines Market, was above inflation of 2018, which closed the year at 3.75%.

According to Ministry of Health, the percentage is the allowed ceiling of readjustment. Each company can decide whether to apply the total or lower index. The amounts are valid for prescription drugs.

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According to the portfolio, the calculation is based on factors such as inflation in the last 12 months – the IPCA, the productivity of the medicine industries, the exchange rate and electricity tariffs and market competition.

The Market of Regulation of the Market of Medicines publishes, every month, in the Anvisa website, the list with the prices of medicines already with the values ​​of the ICMS – the Tax on Circulation of Goods and Provision of Services, which is defined by the states.

Companies that fail to comply with the maximum permitted prices or apply a readjustment greater than that established can pay a fine which ranges from R $ 649 to R $ 9.7 million.


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