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Blue novemberThe International Day of Man is celebrated this day 19 amid Blue November, a month of alertness to the health of man and the importance of early diagnosis of prostate cancer. The National Cancer Institute (Inca) points out that this type of disease is the most incident in Espírito Santo, and the estimate indicates that 1500 capixabas should be diagnosed with the tumor by the end of 2018.

Data also point out that prostate cancer is the second most killing men in the country, behind only lung cancer. According to the medical oncologist of Medquimheo, Carolina Conopca, the high mortality rate of this disease is associated with late diagnosis.

"Most cases are asymptomatic, that is, when symptoms begin to appear, the disease advanced phase. O early diagnosis greatly improves the prognosis, it means that we are able to change the natural evolution, thus enabling healing ", he explained.

Prevention and treatment

Among the risk factors for prostate cancer are obesity, increased age, and sedentary lifestyle. There are still genetic factors related to a hereditary gene, passed from parents to children, that is, those who have a family history should be even more attentive.

Treatment depends on several aspects, especially the stage of the disease. It may be surgical, requiring radiation therapy and chemotherapy, or hormonal with androgenic blockade, which is when male hormones are blocked. All cases should be evaluated by a multidisciplinary oncology team.

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