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The street theater that tells the story of the Passion, Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ has left its place of origin in the Commonwealth of Quadras, staged by young residents for 24 years in the São Vicente de Paulo Housing Complex, to take to the stage in Praça da Press Office Chancellor Edson Queiroz for the first time. The show "I Am Your Peace" was presented yesterday, Good Friday (19), by the Youth Union with Christ (Unijocc).

The group is part of the Vincentian Marian Youth International Association, and highlights the representation of social inequality, oppression, poverty and violence in the midst of the biblical narrative. The performance in the Square was also the first with the participation of a live band, according to the production.

"I started small, at age 11, and I grew up seeing this group reality. It's great to see our work being recognized," says Marcílio Araripe, 19, producer and interpreter of the apostle Pedro .


In previous years, the student has already played characters like John, Herod and Peter, and says that the nervousness to take the stage is always the same. "When we rehearse, we work all the theater technique and the spiritual side. The two most important factors for us are our audience and evangelization," he says.

During the staging of the Holy Supper, featured actors distributed small portions of bread to the audience, in order to promote interaction and immersion in the play. "It is very difficult to see the suffering of Jesus, but we have to remember the history of Him," reveals Fatima Linhares, 56, who was to honor the event.

The Unijocc group has been in the St. Vincent de Paul Ensemble for 34 years, carrying out social and evangelistic work with children, young people and adults in the community. In addition to the traditional Good Friday show, the Union produces other artistic events, such as musicals, dance performances, social events, nights of praise and gymkhana. University student Emerson Felipe, 20, represented Jesus Christ in the previous edition and, this year, was commissioned to interpret one of the demons that haunt the central figure of history.

For him, it takes study, dedication and spiritual preparation to live each character. "Our intention here is to evangelize people," he says, "with our service, we need to get the message that Jesus passed at that time. According to Emerson, receptivity is one of the main characteristics of the group. "Jesus was totally against prejudice and exclusion," he recalls.


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