President Santos says he needs to sell "some foreigners"


Copete can be traded by Santos (Photo: Ivan Storti / SFC)

Santos president José Carlos Peres says he has to sell "some foreigners". At this moment, there are seven in the professional cast: Aguilar, Bryan Ruiz, Copete, Cueva, Derlis González, Sánchez and Soteldo.

Bryan is out of the plans, but Copete, at first, interests the coach Jorge Sampaoli. The limit of gringos related by match is five.

Not having traded part of the foreigners would have been the reason why Fish did not get a forward at the end of the last international transfer window.

"We have to sell some players out of the quota of five foreigners. We look for some (reinforcements) abroad, but this (the limit of gringos) has hampered, "said the president, Radio Bandeirantes.

Santos still has Jackson Porozo in the transition group – the Ecuadorian defender was a South American champion and called to the main national team. Striker Yaya Banhoro of Burkina Faso returns to Bangu and has an indefinite situation.

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