Prepaid Cell Phone Customers Rechecked Today


Beginning today (18) the re-registration of prepaid cell phone customer data. The measure meets Law 10703/2003, which deals with the Regulation of the Personal Mobile Service. They will have to register with the operators the number of the RG and the CPF. Consumers with DDD 62, in the region of Goiás, will be the first to go through re-registration.

The procedure will be applied to users with pending registration. Customers will receive a text message (SMS) informing them of the need to update the data. Customers who receive the report will have 30 days, from April 24, to perform the re-registration.

According to the National Union of Telephony and Cellular and Personal Mobile Service Companies (Sinditelebrasil), in order to update their data, the consumer who receives the warning SMS should contact the service center of his operator and provide a full name , CPF number (in the case of an individual) and the complete address, with zip code.

"The update is mandatory for all consumers who have pending registration and anyone who does not re-register will have its line blocked while the registration is not updated," the union said.

According to Sinditelebrasil, the purpose of re-registration is to give more security and transparency to users and society. "The registration of customers using the prepaid service is the first step of the project. In a second phase, which begins in March 2020, companies will adopt a new registration model for new prepaid cellphone activations ".

From June 26, the project will be extended to ten states: Goiás, Acre, Federal District, Mato Grosso, Mato Grosso do Sul, Minas Gerais, Paraná, Rondônia, Tocantins and Santa Catarina. On July 17, the re-registration reaches the other Brazilian states, with the sending of the SMS. For more information, customers can consult their operator or the website

Edition: Valéria Aguiar


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