Police chief fired after Brazilian trafficker kills young


Paraguayan President Mario Abdo Benitez fired on Sunday National Police commander Bartolomé Baéz after Brazilian trafficker Marcelo Pinheiro Veiga, known as Marcelo Piloto, yesterday murdered an 18-year-old woman inside the Specialized Group of Asuncion where is held captive.

In addition to Báez, Abdo Benítez also fired the National Police subcomandante, Luis Cantero. Decisions were announced today morning after a meeting of the country's Security Council.

"We took the decision to replace the commander and the deputy commander of the National Police," Abdo Benítez announced on Twitter.

The measures were expected after the crime occurred yesterday inside the cell of the Brazilian trafficker, member of the Red Command, in the Specialized Group. According to the Public Ministry, Pilot killed the young woman, identified as Lidia Meza, 18, to avoid extradition to Brazil.

According to the indictment, Pilot struck the young woman's head and then stabbed her 16 times. The National Police released images of a knife that would have been used by him in the crime.

The incident occurred a day after the trafficker refused the Paraguayan court's suggestion to apply the so-called "opportunity criterion" to extradite him to Brazil. Pilot is charged in the case of production of false documents and illegal possession of weapons.

A few days earlier, the Comando Vermelho member gave a press conference within the Specialized Group of Asunción, generating criticism against the National Police summit.

In late October, the Paraguayan Interior Ministry revealed that it had blocked a plan to try to free the trafficker with the use of a vehicle packed with explosives. Three men, who would have been members of the Red Command, were killed in a local police operation.

In Brazil, Pilot is required by the Court of Criminal Appeals (VEP) of the Court of Justice of Rio de Janeiro to comply with two sentences for which he was sentenced to 21 years of imprisonment in one case and five years and four months in the other.

Piloto has been incarcerated in Paraguay since December 2017, when he was detained in the city of Encarnación after a joint international operation between several agencies.

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