Pis / Pasp: Caixa and Banco do Brasil start paying salary bonus to newborns in November


Pis / Pasp: Caixa and Banco do Brasil begin to pay salary bonus to those born in November. The PIS 2018/2019 allowance (base year 2017) begins to be released on Tuesday, November 13, for private sector workers born in November who have current account or savings account at Caixa Econômica Federal. Those born in the same month who are not clients of that bank may withdraw funds directly from CEF branches, but only from day 20.

Also on November 20, the installments of Pasep will be released for public servants with registration numbers 4. But in this case, the payment will be made by Banco do Brasil (BB). Check the calendar below.

Who has the right

You are entitled to the allowance, who received, on average, up to two monthly minimum wages with formal registration and exercised some paid activity for at least 30 days in 2017. But, if the employee received commission or overtime, and thus the income monthly payment has exceeded two national floors, the allowance is not released (even if the salary registered in the portfolio is lower).

You must also be enrolled in the PIS / Pasep for at least five years and have the data updated by the employer in the Annual Social Information Report (Rais) delivered to the Ministry of Labor.

How to know if you will receive

Information on PIS can be obtained by calling 0800-726-0207 of Caixa Econômica Federal. The worker can also make a query through the site www.caixa.gov.br/PIS, clicking on "Consult payment". For this, you must have the NIS (PIS / Pasep) number in hand.

In the case of Pasep, the public servant can request the information from the service center of Banco do Brasil (BB), at the following telephones: 4004-0001 and 0800-729-0001.

For more information on the salary bonus, the worker can consult the Ministry of Labor website (trabajo.gov.br/abono-salarial) or call 158.

Amount paid

The amount receivable is proportional to the number of months worked in the previous year. So who worked for a month last year will receive 1/12 of the minimum wage ($ 80), who worked two months will receive 2/12, and so on. It will only have the full amount of the credit (R $ 954) who worked during the entire base year (2017).

The resources of all beneficiaries are available for withdrawal until June 28, 2019.

How to withdraw money

Who has a Citizen's Card with a registered password can go to a lottery house to get the money. Other withdrawal options are the corresponding Caixa Aqui or the bank's self-service terminals.

If the employee does not receive the deposit directly into account and does not have the Citizen Card, the amount can be withdrawn at any branch of the Caixa. Simply present a photo ID.

The public employees enrolled in Pasep have the payment deposited by Banco do Brasil (BB).

What happens if money is not withdrawn

The PIS / Pasep allowance that is not withdrawn by the worker within the deadline goes back to the Workers' Assistance Fund (FAT). Thus, those who do not respect the annual withdrawal schedule, in theory, lose the right to redeem the money in the Federal Savings Bank (in the case of PIS, paid to the private sector workers) or Banco do Brasil (responsible for Pasep due to to public servants).

To those who miss the deadline, say lawyers, there is still a lawsuit. There is already an understanding in this sense, with victory for the workers. But this involves moving a process, which can be time consuming.

Calendar of salary bonus 2018/2019 (base year 2017)

PIS (withdrawal from branches)

Born in July – 07/07

Born in August – 08/16/08

Born in September – 09/09

Born in October – 10/18

Born in November – 20/11

Born in December – 12/13

Born in January – 17/01

Born in February – 17/01

Born in March – 21/02

Born in April – 21/02

Born in May – 14/03

Born in June – 14/03

PIS (for account holders and savers)

Born in July – 07/07

Born in August – 08/08

Born in September – 9/11

Born in October – 10/16

Born in November – 13/11

Born in December – 11/12

Born in January – 15/01

Born in February – 15/01

Born in March – 02/19

Born in April – 02/19

Born in May – 12/03

Born in June – 12/03


Registration 0 – 26/07

Registration 1 – 8/16/08

Registration 2 – 13/09

Registration 3 – 10/18

Registration 4 – 11/20

Registration 5 – 17/01

Entries 6 and 7 – 21/02

Entries 8 and 9 – 14/03


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