Friday , October 22 2021

Petrobras readjusts gas cooking gas in 8.5% in refineries to R $ 25.07 – JBr.


Petrobras revised the price of LPG for residential consumption in its refineries by 8.5% to R $ 25.07, a readjustment of R $ 1.97 per cylinder. In the year, the cumulative increase is 2.8%.

Since January, the state has readjusted the gas cylinder quarterly. In January and April, the values ​​were reduced and in July, high.

"The devaluation of the real against the dollar and the increases in international LPG prices were the main factors for the increase. The reference continues to be the average propane and butane sold on the European market, plus the 5% margin, "Petrobras said in the statement.

The company also argues that the quarterly readjustment methodology has the objective of smoothing the impacts of the transfer of external volatility to domestic prices.

In the release, Petrobras also points out that the National Energy Policy Council (CNPE) recognizes that the price of the product for domestic use must be "inferior" and "differentiated" to those practiced for LPG for other purposes because of its "interest in politics national energy ".

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