Wednesday , June 16 2021

Paula and Carolina complete 18 hours Proof of Resistance Fiat colors in partnership climate | Proof of Resistance FIAT Colors

Paula and Carolina completed 18 hours of testing and are still in contention for the Superparedão. The pair performs the dynamics of the race by changing places in the cars and picking up the data, according to the panel's indication. Minas Gerais and Bahia continue in the race for the victory and the conquest of a car Fiat Argo HGT.

The competition is very disputed with much singing and conversations between the pair. Carolina already said that it will stay until the end and Paula and already rolled a conversation of possible desistencias. Despite the tiredness and desire to win the car and the prize, the sisters did not lose the atmosphere of partnership. In one of the car exchanges, Carol shouted at the miner to warn her to make the race dynamic. "Thank you," said the blonde.

Understand the Resistance Test Fiat Colors

Check everything that has already rolled!

Fifteen players started the Proof of Resistance Fiat Colors on Wednesday night, 1/16, during the live show. They were divided into three groups of five, and each group gained a color (blue, red and brown).

The Blue Group was the first eliminated, after an error of Elana. Then, with little more than seven hours of proof, the Brown Group gave up the competition for immunity.

With that, the five participants of the Red Group were separated in different cars and began to compete with each other. Vinicius was eliminated, after confusing the colors of the cubes, little more than eight hours of proof.

Tereza left the immunity competition at 12:48 am, and Alan was the last to leave the race, at 2:46 pm.

So far, the Superparedão has formed with Alan, Diego, Elana, Gabriela, Hana, Hariany, Isabella, Maycon, Rízia, Rodrigo, Tereza, Vanderson and Vinicius.

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