Saturday , January 23 2021

Pan Bank offers loan and credit card to negatives

According to the Serasa Experian report released in June, 63.2 million Brazilians have a dirty name. This number represents that four out of 10 adults have arrears. To circumvent this condition, it is possible to look for options that make debt cheaper. One is to take out a loan to pay off low interest debts.

However, companies do not usually provide benefits to defaulters, but this is not the case with Pan bank. The institution offers loans and credit cards to negatives without consultation with SPC and Serasa.

How to apply for loan and credit card to Pan Bank?

For both cases, everything is done digitally through the BxBlue website, which mediates between Pan Bank and the applicant. Within the BxBlue platform, the customer must perform a simulation. It is necessary to enter personal data, which are used to construct a proposal compatible with the user's profile.

After the proposal has been selected, it is submitted for analysis. If approved, the consumer will benefit from the credit.

Advantages of Pan Bank Loan and Credit Card

For those who choose this category, the benefits granted by Banco Pan are:

  • Installment loan up to 96 times;
  • Fixed installments, leaving the customer free of surprises and having greater control of finances;
  • Up to $ 250,000 loan, depending on the consumer profile;
  • There is no need to justify the use of the requested money;
  • No consultation with SPC and Serasa is required.

Who can apply for loan

This modality offered, because it is a payroll loan, is only available to federal and retired employees and pensioners of the INSS, even if they are negative.

The advantage granted by Banco Pan, however, is the up to 3 times lower interest rate than ordinary loans.

Importantly, the loan and credit card limits depend on the maximum amount that can come out of the client's salary or retirement each month, which is called the payable margin.

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