Only 10.6% of the population that should be vaccinated against yellow fever sought posts in SC


Vaccination against yellow fever is still lower than expected in Santa Catarina. Since September last year, when vaccination was expanded in the State, until January 15 of this year, only 10.6% of the population of Santa Catarina that was to be vaccinated sought the health posts. In the first four stages of enlargement, 216,905 people out of the 2,046,324 who were to take the vaccine were immunized, estimates the Santa Catarina Epidemiological Surveillance Directorate (DIVE / SC) based on data provided by the municipalities.

According to the immunization manager of DIVE / SC, Lia Quaresma Coimbra, the vaccine against yellow fever is indicated for all people over 9 months of age. Elderly people over 60 should seek medical advice.

– It is important to note that a single dose of the vaccine is sufficient to be protected against the disease throughout life – he points out.

Since the second half of 2018, following the recommendation of the Ministry of Health, the entire State has become Vaccination Recommendation Area (ACRV). Before, only 162 of the 295 municipalities in Santa Catarina were part of the ACRV. According to DIVE / SC, the expansion of vaccination was divided into six stages, beginning in September 2018 and ending in February 2019.

The division was made to facilitate the population's access to the vaccine and prevent the loss of doses. After the bottle has been opened, complete use of the contents should take place up to a maximum of six hours. With the expansion, in addition to the reference units, doses of the yellow fever vaccine are also being offered at the health units of the municipalities.

To comply with the schedule of expansion, Dive clarifies that the State has received constant doses of yellow fever vaccine from the Ministry of Health. In 2019 alone, there were 500 thousand doses. Dive also points out that there is no shortage of doses of the vaccine in Santa Catarina.

In January, the expansion took place in municipalities of Greater Florianópolis. As of February, the last stage of expansion, will be the turn of the municipalities of the South and South Litoral of Santa Catarina.

Schedule of the 5th and 6th immunization phase

5th stage – beginning of the expansion in January 2019

– Águas Mornas, Alfredo Wagner, Anitápolis, Florianópolis, Governador Celso Ramos, Palhoça, Rancho Queimado, Santo Amaro da Imperatriz, São Bonifácio, São José, São Pedro de Alcântara.

Step 6 – beginning of the expansion in February 2019

– Araranguá, Balneário Arroio do Silva, Balneário Gaivota, Ermo, Jacinto Machado, Maracajá, Meleiro, Morro Grande, Torres Pass, Praia Grande, Santa Rosa do Sul, São João do Sul, Sombrio, Timbé do Sul, Turvo, Capivari de São Luís de Lima, São Luís, São Paulo, São Tomé and Príncipe, São Tomé and Príncipe, São Tomé and Príncipe, São Tomé and Príncipe, São Tomé and Príncipe, Rio Grande do Sul, , São Martinho, Balneário Rincão, Cocal do Sul, Criciúma, Forquilhinha, Içara, Lauro Muller, Morro da Fumaça, New Venice, Orleans, Siderópolis, Treviso, Urussanga.

Situation of yellow fever in SC

According to the Office of Epidemiological Surveillance of Santa Catarina (DIVE / SC), between January 1 and January 24, 2019, 3 suspected cases of yellow fever were reported in humans, all of them were discarded. With regard to monkeys, 13 primate deaths have been reported, but none have been confirmed by yellow fever so far. Of these, 11 are still under investigation.


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