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No annuity and double program of points


It is true that the credit card offer various benefits and facilities to its customers, such as the possibility of payment installments and a payment term. However, the credit card also generates headaches for some customers in case of undue blockages, high interest rates and undue charges.

Against the complaints, the Credit Card Saraiva has been standing out as one of the best credit cards available in the market. In this way, the Saraiva card has an excellent evaluation among the consumers who use it to carry out their purchases.

In a survey released by Exame magazine, the Saraiva credit card is the most highly rated by consumers. The fact is demonstrated in comparison to other credit cards offered by retail stores. This fact is made possible due to the promotions that the company offers its clients.

Because of your offer being due to a joint with the Bank of Brazil, Saraiva Card enables your client to participate in a double program of points and discounts. In this way, those who make purchases with the card, can accumulate points to be used in the next purchases and miles for travel.

Benefits of Saraiva Card

The Saraiva credit card offers several benefits for its clients, being:

Free Annuity

There is no annual fee, regardless of the amount spent on the card. Thus, the company offers this benefit in order to cause the consumer to spend that amount that would be charged for the annuity in products in the stores.

Easy Adhesion

It is not necessary for the customer to prove income for the approval of the card. Moreover, it is not necessary for the applicant to produce documents. In summary, the analysis is done automatically after the verification of cadastral data.

International Visa Card

The card can be used in different national and international establishments, in addition to Saraiva stores. The only requirement is that stores accept cards with Visa, as this is the flag of the Saraiva Card.

Saraiva Plus

SaraivaPlus is the points program offered by Saraiva. The purpose of the program is that the customer earn points for each purchase made at Saraiva's store. Thus, for every 500 points accumulated, the consumer will have a discount of $ 10. The amount can be used in any way within the Saraiva Bookstores.

Air Miles

The mileage program offered by the card works as follows: Every $ 2 in purchases, 1 point is credited to the program. The bank has up to 30 days after payment of the invoice to credit the points. Mileage accrual is valid for purchases made at any store, not just at Saraiva.

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Limit set by Banco do Brasil

One of the only disadvantages of the Saraiva Credit Card is the low limit available. This is due to Banco do Brasil being responsible for granting the limit after an analysis of all data in Saraiva's cadastral form.

If the individual is already a customer of Banco do Brasil and has another credit card, the Saraiva card limit will be the same as that of the existing card, due to the single limit policy per customer adopted by Banco do Brasil.

However, after six months of using the Saraiva Card, the customer may request an increase in the limit of their card. However, it is necessary that the owner's income has been changed after requesting the card, proving the change.

Card Unlock

After the card is approved, Saraiva has up to 20 days to send the card. Once it has been received, the holder must appear at a Banco do Brasil Self-Service Terminal with the password that he / she received.

If the new Saraiva Card customer is already a Bank of Brazil account holder, the password will be the same one already used to move the checking account. In addition, bank account holders can also perform the unlocking via Internet Banking.

Already for customers who are not account holders of Banco do Brasil, the password received must be taken along with the card. If the password has not been sent, it is necessary to go to a branch of BB, with card and documents to register a new password.

Saraiva Card Application

With the Saraiva Card application, the cardholder may have access to several services, including:

  • Shopping Dispute;
  • Real Time Shopping Timeline;
  • Card Lock and Unlock;
  • Payment of invoices (for Banco do Brasil account holders);
  • Qualification for use abroad;
  • Request of Second Way;
  • Creation of Virtual Card;
  • Generation of the Bar Code.

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