No airplanes, Avianca Brasil cancels more than 600 flights next week


Avianca Brasil announced on Friday (19/04) another list of flights canceled, this time surpassing more than 600 flights between April 22 and 28.

The flights that were canceled by the company derive from a historical week, the justice ordered that Avianca Brazil returned to the lessores 18 airplanes from next Monday (04/22) due to the debts that the company has accumulated since July 2018.

Without the 18 aircraft in the fleet, Avianca will only have 6 operating aircraft (4 of model A318 and 2 of A319), and will be forced to perform flights in only four airports: Congonhas (SP), Santos Dumont (RJ), Brasilia and Salvador (BA).

ANAC has determined that the company will fine-tune its airspace, its ticket sales system and give wide dissemination of the canceled flights in order to minimize the impact of the withdrawal of the aircraft.

The list of canceled flights is so large that we recommend accessing the Avianca Brasil website (Click here to go to the page).

Passenger Guidelines

– If your flight is not on the list, stay calm. No action is required and your flight will be kept as scheduled;

– If your flight is on the list and you have purchased your ticket through Avianca Brasil's website, app, call center or stores, you can request a refund in: On the form, select the reason "Flight cancellation generated by Avianca"

– If your flight is on the list and you have purchased your ticket through an agency or travel site, you should contact these companies directly;

Passengers are advised to keep an eye on Avianca's communications regarding the status of their flight and, if in doubt, to seek information on the airline's website or contact their telephone, electronic or face-to-face service channels.

In case of cancellation or change of the flight on the initiative of Avianca, the passenger must have their rights respected, which are available for consultation on the ANAC portal on the Internet ( ) or the Digital Passenger page (, especially developed for mobile devices.

If the passenger feels harmed or has their rights disrespected, he should seek the contracted airline to assert his rights as a consumer. If attempts to solve the problem by the company do not present results, the user can register his complaint through the platform Through the tool, the consumer can communicate directly with the companies, who have the obligation to receive, analyze and respond to complaints within 10 days.

If your complaint is not resolved by the airline in the platform, the passenger can resort to the SNDC bodies, which include the presence channels of Procon and the Special Civil Court, to find a solution to your individual problem and request compensation for damages caused by the carrier.


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