Next to Bolsonaro, minister uses chocolates to explain blocking in the federal universities budget | Politics


While attending a live broadcast alongside President Jair Bolsonaro, on Thursday (9), Education Minister Abraham Weintraub used chocolates to explain the budget blocking of all universities and federal institutes announced last week .

According to a statement released Wednesday by the ministry, the blockade reached 3.4% of the federal universities' total budget. "The budget for 2019 of these institutions totals R $ 49.6 billion, of which 85.34% (R $ 42.3 billion) are personnel expenses (payment of salaries for teachers and other employees, as well as benefits for inactive and pensioners ), 13.83% (R $ 6.9 billion) are discretionary expenses and 0.83% (R $ 0.4 billion) are expenses to comply with parliamentary tax amendments, "the note said.

During the broadcast on social networks this Thursday, Weintraub put on the table 100 chocolates and separated three and a half to explain the blockade.

"We're just asking for three chocolates from these 100 chocolates, three chocolates and a half, three chocolates and a half." "We're not talking to the person we're going to cut, it's not cut. what we are asking for, that is to say a little, "said the minister.

Weintraub then addressed the President of the Republic and asked: "I ask you, President, have you ever had such a situation, to have an unforeseen event, a difficulty in your life?" That said: "Hold on a little?" If one were to say, 'Three and a half little chocolate, three and a half percent, 100, three and a half,' because the wages are fully preserved and paid for in the day. […] They are spreading that we are closing everything. "

According to the National Association of Directors of Federal Institutions of Higher Education (Andifes), the contingency reached 20% of the funding for maintenance, cleaning, security and 90% of the investment.


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