Monday , October 25 2021

MP Corregedoria establishes investigation on messages of Dallagnol with Moro


BRASÍLIA – The National Council of the Public Prosecutor's Office (CNMP) has filed a "disciplinary complaint" against the prosecutor
Deltan Dallagnol
, task force coordinator of the
Car wash
, based
in the conversations between him and the then judge Sergio Moro, disclosed by the site "The Intercept"
. The decision was taken on Monday by the national prosecutor, Orlando Rochadel, after
a representation made by CNMP advisors

The messages, according to the publication, suggest that the two would have combined how they would act in some situations in Lava-Jato, including in points in the trial of the Guarujá triplet, which led to the conviction and arrest of former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva.

Prosecutors exchanged messages about Lula's interview authorization by STF, says site

The magistrate ordered Deltan, on behalf of the Lava-Jato task force, to give written explanations in ten days of the talks. Then decide if it is the case to file the procedure or convert it into a disciplinary process. Among the punishments included are compulsory retirement. In his order, Rochadel points out that the dialogues between prosecutors may represent "deviance of conduct."


Bretas defends Moro: 'Criminals have no ethics'

The investigation of the CNMP would have no practical effect against Sérgio Moro, because it was only a disciplinary body of the Public Prosecution Service. In Moro's case, since he is no longer a judge, there would also be no disciplinary investigation by the National Justice Council (CNJ).

"Without advancing any merit judgment, it is observed that the indicated context asserts an eventual deviation in the conduct of Members of the Federal Public Prosecutor's Office, which, in theory, may characterize functional lack, notably violation of functional duties," Rochadel wrote in his office .

The Intercept news site
published messages attributed to Dallagnol and Sergio Moro
, which indicate that the two have combined operations in Operation Lava-Jet. The report also cites messages suggesting the prosecutors' doubts about the evidence to request Lula's conviction in the case of the Guarujá trio, a few days before the complaint was filed.

Conversations made public also suggest that prosecutors
would have discussed a way to bar the interview of the former president
authorized by a minister of the Federal Supreme Court (STF), before the first round of the election.

Moro and Dallagnol
 deny irregularities
and denounce an illegal invasion of their communications.

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