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Mouth cancer prevention week warns of importance of early diagnosis

Mayor Marquinhos Trad participated in the opening of the Week of Prevention to the Cancer of Mouth. (Photo; SESAU).

Mayor Marquinhos Trad participated in the opening of the Week of Prevention to the Cancer of Mouth. (Photo; SESAU).

The Campo Grande City Hall this week begins a partnership with the Regional Council of Dentistry of Mato Grosso do Sul (CRO-MS) several actions in allusion to the "Week of Prevention to Cancer of Mouth". The opening ceremony of the activities took place this morning (05) at the headquarters of CRO-MS and was attended by Mayor Marquinhos Trad and the municipal health secretary, Marcelo Vilela.

The aim is to alert the population about the risks of this pathology, besides calling attention to the importance of early diagnosis.

During the ceremony, Mayor Marquinhos Trad stressed that when the disease is diagnosed in the beginning, the chances of cure are greater. Therefore, the importance of prevention and periodic evaluation by the professional.

"Through the ability and skill of the professional can detect early in the beginning. What for us may seem just a sore to them (dentists) can mean much more and what will determine between saving or losing a life. So it is necessary that people become aware of the seriousness of this disease and take due care, "he said.

The 68 basic health units count on dental care. More complex cases are referred for treatment at the Specialized Dentistry Centers (CEOs). Currently the Capital has six units.

Day D – Schedule

This Tuesday (06) will be the D-Day of the week, with actions of prevention and diagnosis of oral cancer in Ary Coelho Square, Campo Grande, from 8am to 2pm.

At the site will be installed a service station, where the population will undergo a screening with the objective of diagnosing cancerous lesions. Two SESI mobile units will also be on site to serve the population. All the care will be free, carried out by the professionals of the Health Department of the City Hall of Campo Grande and the cases diagnosed as pre-cancerous lesions will be referred to the specialized units of the municipality.

On Wednesday (7), will be held D-Day for the Health Units of Campo Grande. The Basic Units and Basic Units of Family Health will be open for users who wish to perform a clinical examination of prevention for identification and referral of suspected injuries at regular hours of operation, with the exception of UBSF Parque do Sol that will not have public service in the evening period.


According to the INCA (National Cancer Institute), mouth cancer is the 5th highest incidence in Brazil among men. The estimate for each year of the 2018-2019 biennium is 14,700 cases, with 11,200 men and 3,500 women.

According to the latest INCA data for Mato Grosso do Sul, the estimate for 2017 was that the Mouth Cancer was the 6th highest incidence among men, with a rate of 10.82 men affected for each 100 thousand inhabitants. Already women enter, the pathology would be the 13th highest incidence, with a rate of 3.14.

Still according to the data, the Cancer of Mouth was one of the biggest responsible for deaths recorded in Brazil in 2014 due to Cancer. Although Mato Grosso do Sul is a pioneer in the work of prevention of the Cancer of Mouth, being the first State to hold the Prevention Week and even one of those responsible for the Federal Law that instituted the National Week focused on the fight against this pathology, the data still are alarming.

In Mato Grosso do Sul, according to the survey, the crude mortality rate for Lung Cancer and Oral Cavity per 100,000 in 2014 was 5.14 to 7.15 among men. Already entering women the rate was from 1.30 to 1.51.

Mouth Cancer

Oral cancer occurs most often in men, especially those over 40 years of age. The cancer of the mouth reaches the lips and the oral cavity, in the regions of the cheek, gum, sky of the mouth, tongue and floor of the mouth. On the other hand, lip cancer has the main risk factor for sun exposure.

Risk factors

Factors that can lead to cancer of the mouth are age over 40, addiction to smoking pipes and cigarettes, alcohol consumption, poor oral hygiene and use of maladjusted dental prostheses.

Main Symptoms

Appearance of sores in the mouth, not painful and that do not heal in a week. Other symptoms are superficial ulcerations, less than 2 cm in diameter, painless (bleeding or not) and whitish or reddish spots on the lips or oral mucosa. Difficulty talking, chewing and swallowing, as well as severe weight loss, pain and the presence of cervical lymphadenomegaly (lump in the neck) are signs of advanced stage cancer of the mouth.


Prevention of cancer in the mouth: it is possible through healthy habits that include:

– Avoid excessive consumption of alcohol;

– Avoid excessive use of pipes and cigarettes;

– Avoid unprotected sun exposure;

– Avoid using misaligned prostheses in your mouth;

– Have good oral hygiene by brushing teeth four times a day, preferably after every meal;

– Have frequent dental care;

– Maintenance of a healthy diet, rich in fruits and vegetables;

– Perform a self-examination of the mouth, looking for any type of change such as: sores, swellings or blemishes.

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