Motorola releases Google call filter for G7 family and Motorola One


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Motorola announced today that it is implementing the Google Call Screening feature on its G7 family smartphones as well as Motorola One, so the user can get information about the call before answering it , having in your hands a control tool that lets you know if a person is calling him or if it is just a spam or an unwanted telemarketing call.

To enable this function, device owners only need to press the "Filter Call" button that is between the answer and decline options. If the person chooses the filter option, Google Assistant will respond to the call in place of the user with an automated message explaining that they have a Google service and later receive a copy of this conversation. It also asks you to leave the contact and the reason for the call in case the user wishes to return it.

In addition, the manufacturer has also made available the "Digital Wellness" function, which helps the customer to better understand their usage patterns through a daily summary of their digital habits. There are also so-called "Moto Experiences" that simplify the use of the smartphone thanks to exclusive features such as "Moto Screen", which provides a quick view of notifications without the need to unlock the smartphone, as well as "Moto Action" which allow the use of simple gestures that make everyday interactions more convenient.

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