Most voted in the triple list for PGR, Mario Bonsaglia is received in the Planalto


BRASÍLIA – A day after being
the most voted in the triple list of indication for the command of the Attorney General's Office
(PGR), Deputy Attorney General Mario Bonsaglia went to the Planalto Palace on Wednesday night to meet with the Deputy Chief of Legal Affairs (SAJ), Jorge Oliveira.

Assistant to President Jair Bolsonaro, Oliveira saw the body that commands to be transferred on Wednesday from the Civil House to the General Secretariat of the Presidency. Considered to be decisive in the selection process for the Federal Public Prosecutor's Office (MPF), he was previously the chief of staff of Deputy Eduardo Bolsonaro (PSL-SP). And he won a room on the third floor of the Planalto, the same as the presidential office.

See the profiles of the three candidates from the triple list for PGR

The Constitution provides that the appointment to the position of PGR is the responsibility of the President of the Republic and depends on approval by the Senate. Since 2003, however, all presidents have respected, in choosing the PGR, the triple list organized by the ANPR, which expresses the names chosen by the category itself to occupy the highest command of the institution.

Promoted by the National Association of Republic Prosecutors (ANPR) since 2001, the triple list has Bonsaglia, which received 478 votes, followed by prosecutors Luiza Frischeisen with 423 and Blal Dalloul with 422. In addition to the names of the triple list, there are two candidates running around: Dodge and Deputy Attorney General Augusto Aras.

Lava-Jato task forces defend PGR nomination by triple list

At the weekend, Bonsaglia should be welcomed by Senate President David Alcolumbre (DEM-AP). The candidacy with the support of members of the SAJ, more aligned with the group of the Federal Public Ministry that rejects the possible reappointment of the current attorney general, Raquel Dodge, to the position.

On Wednesday, Bolsonaro said he would choose the new attorney general of the Republic "at 48 in the second half" and said he would study the list and follow the Constitution. He has until September to nominate a new PGR. The president is not obliged to choose a name from the list, but the practice was adopted in the two mandates of Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva and Dilma Rousseff, who indicated the first Already MTemer chose second place in the list, Raquel Dodge.

In an event on Tuesday morning, Bolsonaro had stated that he would not commit to nominate someone from the triple list.

"Everyone, everyone inside, off the list, anything is possible. I will follow the Constitution, "he said.

The meeting was not on Oliveira's agenda until the publication of this text.


Most voted name this time, Mario Bonsaglia was in the triple lists of 2015 and 2017, in the positions of second and third most voted, respectively. With strong support at the São Paulo electoral college, his State of origin, Bonsaglia has been with the MPF since 1991 and also has extensive experience in the criminal area, as well as having passed several positions within the institution, as regional electoral procurator, adviser to the National Council of the Public Ministry and member of the Superior Council of MPF.

Luiza Frischeisen and Blal Dalloul, who appear in second and third places on the list, are said to be linked to former Attorney General Rodrigo Janot. She coordinated the MPF's 2nd Criminal Chamber and was involved in regulating the leniency agreements of the body. Already he was secretary general during the management of Janot, taking care of the administrative part of the Public Ministry.


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