Moro's participation in the Senate. It's a strange story. Quite strange


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Judge Sergio Moro offered to answer questions from the senators. The offer was accepted by the President of the Constitution and Justice Commission (CCJ) of the Senate. And he went there, spent 9 am to 7 pm inside answering questions from more than half the senators.

Were questions
repetitions and variations on the same theme, but he responded to everything with
coldness, with neutrality and did not embark on the explosions of some senators.

His allies consider that he had a great victory, consolidating even more in the Ministry of Justice. Sergio Moro did not refuse a question. Now the Chamber of Deputies is inviting Minister Sérgio Moro to go to CCJ da Casa.

The same Commission,
Senate, will invite the promoter Deltan Dallagnol, who will receive the same
questions and will give similar answers. I live when I go to the Chamber, too.
will receive similar questions on the same subject and will give answers

I wonder if it is not good for us to be more practical, because to relapse into the same matters is a waste of life. Justice itself has already given a pause in this: when something is already decided on a certain subject all other issues are based on this decision. That takes a lot of process from the front.

Speaking of process …

Just to remember: there is a Provisional Measure of the government, the one that concerns the frauds of the Social Security, that pays a bonus for employee of the Social Security to touch process out of time, of its time of work.

A strange story

I wanted to talk about
this strange story of Congresswoman Flordelis (PSD-RJ). Her husband
was killed in front of home with 30 shots. Now they found a wrapped pistol
in her house, in the room of her biological son – who is trapped by another

The skill and
found that the origin of the shots is from that pistol. Two
loaders to give the 30 shots. It was not robbery, it was someone who wanted
even kill the pastor. And they say the pastor was having an extramarital affair

There is one more son who
is under suspicion, this adoptive. The deputy has 55 foster children.
Probably she had a kind of kindergarten, an adoption movement, and
of young people.

Of the 55 children, two
are giving trouble. It gives 4% negative, which is not much. Anyway, it's
very strange.

She says she does not know
of nothing, but also under suspicion of the police. Let's see why there is not
parliamentary immunity that is not in exercise of the mandate. In this type of crime
the MP has no immunity: it is a common crime that has nothing to do
with the exercise of the mandate. On Wednesday (19) the MP was absent from the
plenary, of course.

I even went to
all morning in the plenary, including invited me to go to the Board of Directors,
I was on the side of Lars Grael, Olympic medalist.

After a surprise they made me go to the rostrum for a tribute to the Brazilian Navy, and I took the phrase from what Admiral Barroso said before starting the decisive battle of Riachuelo: "Brazil expects each one to fulfill his duty." That phrase is very current.


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