More Physicians Program selects 39 professionals for 26 municipalities in Alagoas


Ministrio prioritized trained and qualified professionals in Brazil's CRM

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Alagoas will receive 39 new professionals from the Most Medical, who will work in 26 municipalities of the State. The final result of the first phase of the program was published last Wednesday (19), on the ministry's website. These professionals are expected to perform in the municipalities from June 24 to 28 for the beginning of the population service activities.

According to the federal government, this phase prioritized the participation of professionals trained and qualified with registration of the Regional Council of Medicine (CRM) of Brazil. Of the 26 municipalities of Alagoas contemplated, Penedo what to receive more professionals – five.

Throughout the country, 1,975 professionals were selected to work in the primary care of the health units of more than a thousand municipalities, located in the 26 states, in addition to 10 Indigenous Special Sanitary Districts (DSEIs).

According to the ministry, the municipalities contemplated in this announcement are from areas historically with greater access difficulties – including quilombolas and indigenous people – and that depend on the assistance of the Sistema Único de Sade (SUS).

Directory of municipalities and number of professionals in Alagoas:

Whitney – 1

Campo Aletre – 3

Colnia Leopoldina – 1

Crabas – 1

Two Streams – 1

Star of Alagoas – 1

Feira Grande – 1

Girau do Ponciano – 1

New Church – 2

Inhapi – 1

Joaquim Gomes – 1

Jundi – 1

Junqueiro – 3

Mata Grande – 1

Matrix of Camaragibe – 1

Monteirpolis – 1

Olivena – 1

Po of Acar – 1

Penedo – 5

Piaabuu – 1

So Jos da Tapera – 1

So Sebastio – 2

Tanque D'Arca – 1

Taquarana – 1

Teotnio Vilela – 2

Unio dos Palmares – 3

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